Why Bini?

Our goal is to provide the world with a way to view the world, from different perspectives, in one convenient platform. There is so much to see and do every single day, so why not use Bini to spread your ideas and share your experiences in a new and exciting way that is fun, interactive, easy, memorable, and effective.

About Bini

Bini was born from the concept of duality: 2 experiences, 2 ideas, 2 stories, 2 views to compare, combine, confront, join, divide in a single post. The distinctive format allows you to create stories and share your content with the world. The story feed is the stage for all of your incredible stories, with the only limit being your imagination! Envision a platform that allows you to translate your experiences and engage with your audience on a different level.

Bini eliminates the barriers between active creators and passive audiences. Now consumers can not only interact with the Binis but also connect with the creators.

With the format of compare-and-vote, you can design content through photos, music, and videos, while gathering quick responses, in order to help you make decisions, no matter the size. Dive into our communities, for industry-specific content, as well as discover featured Binis and other unique users.

How To?

It’s easy to get started on Bini! Start by downloading our app, and then complete your profile. That’s all that you need to start creating Binis! Our step-by-step tutorial will show you just how easy it is to create stories, collect votes and discover users by name, community, or by hashtags. To start creating content, tap on the new Bini button, snap a photo, choose a Bini template, construct your caption, and share. Don’t worry about crazy algorithms, your friends will see all of your Binis in natural order, so they won’t miss a thing!

Download, sign-up, and complete your profile

The Team

MoniQue A. Hoffman

VP of Marketing

Pozsonyi Tamás

Full stack developer

Daniel Do Carmo